Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Scott Meyer

Personal Call & Faith Statement

I was raised in the Lutheran church and have treasured the grace of Jesus Christ and my God-given faith all my life.  My call to ministry began at a young age and was strengthened through Confirmation, Bible camp, and various faith building experiences in college.  The statement of my faith consists of three main parts:

  1. My salvation comes by grace through faith in Jesus Christ... We are all humble sinners who are able to claim the promises of eternal life only because of Christ's death and resurrection.  We are loved and forgiven by God not because of anything we do, but because of who we are as redeemed children of God. 
  2. All of us are called to proclaim Christ and serve one another... Some of us are ordained into the ministry of Word and Sacrament, but ALL of us are baptized and called to live out our faith by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and loving our neighbor.  The universal "priesthood of all believers" is our primary calling. 
  3. The Church and our Christian faith are all about relationships... Many have said that Christianity is not a religion but a relationship.  That is very true in that God's love for us through Christ (a vertical relationship) is translated into our love and service toward others (a horizontal relationship)

More About Pastor Scott Meyer

Pastor Scott is happily married to Tracy Ellen.  Their family consists of children Peter, Clara, Andrea Leah, Anna, and Marla.  Currently Pastor Scott and Tracy reside in Lyle, Minnesota and serve the congregations of Six Mile Grove, Mona and Our Savior's Lutheran Churches including the surrounding communities.  Pastor Scott has previously assisted parishes of St. John Lutheran (Arlington, IA), Hayward Lutheran (Hayward, MN), Grace Lutheran (Waseca, MN) and Trinity Lutheran (Sibley, IA).  His current congregations are honored and blessed to have such a wonderful family teaching and inspiring God's word. 

Ordination / Education 

Ordained Pastor, July 26, 1992, Mona Lutheran Church

Masters of Divinity - Parish Ministry - Lutheran Theological Seminary, 1992, Gettysburg, PA

Bachelor of Arts - History/Religion, 1985, Luther College, Decorah, IA

Associate of Arts - Industrial Education, 1982, Waldorf College, Forest City, IA

St. Ansgar High School, 1980, St. Ansgar, IA