Our Saviors Lutheran Church - Lyle, Minnesota


Our Saviors Lutheran Church - Shared Ministry

Please note - This is not the official web page for Our Saviors Lutheran Church in Lyle, MN. Information shared on this page is to help connect the shared ministry. The churches of Six Mile Grove, Mona and Our Saviors share the ministry services of Pastor Scott Meyer and at times worship services are held jointly between the three congregations.  We look forward to seeing you at any of the three churches - All are welcome!

Our Location

103 Pershing Avenue, Lyle, Minnesota 55953

Phone - (507) 325-2437



Our winter schedule will continue until Sunday, May 24th when we switch to our Summer schedule.

8:00 am - Six Mile Grove

9:30 am - Mona

11:00 am - Our Savior's


Our summer schedule will officially begin on Sunday, May 24th rotating to each church per month.    9:00 AM Worship Service

May/June - Six Mile Grove (*Worship in the park during Independence day celebrations)

July - Our Saviors

August - Mona (Last summer service September 6th)

Check out Mona Lutheran's page for information on their summer drive-in services allowing you to "Honk for Jesus!"


The Fall schedule officially begins on Sunday, September 13th with two services offered. The churches follow this schedule until the next summer schedule typically scheduled around Memorial Day.  

8:30 AM at Our Saviors

10:30 AM at SMG or Mona (watch for details on which church will host each Sunday) 

Members are welcome to attend any of the three church services.  Offering envelopes designated for one of the other churches will be transferred to the church's designated Treasurer.