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Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Parish.  Our parish consists of Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church located in Lyle, Minnesota and Mona Lutheran Church located in Mona, Iowa.  We now share ministry with Our Saviors Lutheran Church located in the city of Lyle, Minnesota. 

Whether you are just having a look at our ministry or are searching for a place to worship, we welcome you and are delighted you are here. 


Jesus Is King of Kings

Six Mile Grove and Mona are historic Lutheran churches.  Our congregations, including our shared ministry locations, are devoted to exploring, sharing, living and proclaiming Christ's word and love.


Come and Worship

As in one body we have many members, so we, who are many, are one body in Christ.  Come, be part of Christ and worship with us!  Fill your life with truth and peace.  Strengthen your faith of Jesus Christ who is God's son and our Savior!

"Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in the midst of them." (Matthew 18:20) 


Our Mission Statement

Following our founder's deep faith in the future, we the congregation, called by God, commit ourselves: (a) to proclaim the Gospel and (b) to prepare our members for outreach and service. 

Our Church will remain a Lutheran family and Christian leader in this community by being people who gather around the Word and sacrament and empowered by the Gospel.  A caring institution called to help all kinds of people by offering God's life changing love, forgiveness and grace in Jesus Christ. A ministry whereby we all use the gifts of the spirit for our life together and our mission in the world. 

We will seek to strengthen the personal and spiritual growth and discipleship of every member of the congregation through prayer, Bible study, service, witness and in congregational life.  We will foster the development of a community where care and support are provided within this congregation and community through meaningful relationships.  Intentionally reaching out to the unchurched seeking to understand those who are searching for meaning in life, providing an inviting and hospitable community, and inviting their participation in God's family at this congregation. 

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